My training was in Printed Textiles at Manchester Poly and the Royal College of Art rather a long time ago and I have always painted fabrics for bespoke curtains and wall hangings but have done lots of other things as well. 

Other work includes murals and mosaics. 

In the last few years I have worked on Interior projects for 3 local hotels. I have designed the bedrooms for The Dial House in Reepham and various bits at The Assembly House in Norwich and The Pigs at Edgefield.  

Last years project was the murals and interiors for the 3 cabins at The Ffolkes at Hillsborough.

I have done lots of things at Wiveton Hall including the cafe and the shell mosaics, help with the holiday cottages interiors and the drawings for the brand identity and the web site.
Another commission was a rug for The Rug Company and the Whittington Hospital.

Here in this shop I have curtain fabric  and cushions and oil clothI also have prints and bags and padded coat hangers, wash bags etc etc.

Everything is made in the UK. The fabrics are digitally printed and the tea towels are screen printed in the UK.With digital printing you can print the drop of your curtains so  you don't get any wastage on the repeat though there is a small fee for this now.

Do not hesitate to call for clarification or help or if you want something in particular.
You can e-mail me on or or call on Tel: 01263587781

You can see my things at Verandah Holt.
Holt shop Tel: 01263712608